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November 2010

From the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES)

New NAEP District Profiles Tool Provides Easy Access to Data

NAEP map of New York City Screenshot of NAEP New York City results

The District Profiles Tool is the newest addition to the suite of data tools on the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) website. It offers information about the urban districts that participate in the NAEP Trial Urban District Assessment (TUDA) program. Users can select any of the 18 TUDA districts to compare the performance of their 4th and 8th grade public school students to students in the nation, in large cities nationally, and in the TUDA's respective state.

Based on the popular NAEP State Profiles Tool, the District Profiles Tool allows users to create downloadable maps and charts, and read snapshots with demographic information for each district.

The NAEP District Profiles Tool is available at The NAEP State Profiles Tool is available at

All NAEP data tools draw data from the same database in the NAEP Data Explorer, Be sure to check out all the NAEP data tools and tool resources at