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American Indian English Learner Students and English Language Development

July 2022

American Indian English learner students have unique educational needs. For some students, their Native language is their first language. For other students, English is their first language but the students may not have acquired standard academic proficiency in English or may use a modified version of English influenced by their Native language. Helping English learner students, including American Indian English learner students, achieve English language proficiency is critical to the students' long-term academic success. Students who are not classified as English proficient within six years in U.S. schools are at risk of becoming long-term English learner students.

This infographic highlights key findings from a REL Southwest study that examined English language development among American Indian English learner students in New Mexico. The study was conducted by REL Southwest's English Learners Research Partnership in collaboration with the New Mexico Public Education Department and other Native American educators.

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