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Southwest School Improvement Research Partnership

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Like many states, Texas has struggled with how best to build districts’ capacity to support low-performing schools. REL Southwest is working with the Texas Education Agency and other partners to enhance the state’s ability to evaluate and continuously improve school and district practices, with the long-term goal of increasing the number of students attending high-performing schools.


  • Examine the quality and fidelity with which low-performing districts and schools in Texas implement improvement initiatives.
  • Examine the degree to which those initiatives improve district, school, and student outcomes.


Liz Nelson, Partnership Facilitator Christina LiCalsi, Partnership Research Lead Susan Therriault, Partnership Senior Advisor
Partnership Facilitator Partnership Research Lead Partnership Senior Advisor
Liz Nelson Christina LiCalsi Susan Therriault


  • Royce Avery, Superintendent, Manor Independent School District, Texas
  • Mohammed Choudry, Chief Innovation Officer, San Antonio Independent School District, Texas
  • Mike Herschenfeld, Manager of District Strategy and Innovation, Texas Education Agency, Texas
  • Joe Siedlecki, Associate Commissioner of School Improvement, Innovation, and Charter Schools, Texas Education Agency, Texas

Training, Coaching, and Technical Support Projects

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Applied Research Studies

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