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Academic Mindsets and Behaviors, Prior Achievement, and the Transition to Middle School

Date: December 8, 2021

Positive academic mindsets and behaviors are linked with successful transitions to middle school, and several interventions targeting academic mindsets and behaviors have been shown to have significant impacts on outcomes for students in middle school and beyond.

This 1-hour webinar will share key findings from the REL West report, “Academic Mindsets and Behaviors, Prior Achievement, and the Transition to Middle School.” The study, conducted in Nevada’s Clark County School District, examined overall patterns of reported academic mindsets and student outcomes, including patterns for specific subgroups of students based on factors such as prior achievement, demographics, and primary language.

The webinar will:

  • Provide an overview of the relevant literature establishing the relationship between grade 5 academic mindsets and behaviors and the risk of having a low GPA during the transition to middle school

Explain and answer questions about the study findings on this relationship with respect to students’ transitions to middle school in the Clark County School District


The primary audiences for this event are state, district, and school leaders, including those responsible for MTSS Tier 1 supports, those responsible for or interested in supporting effective transitions to middle school, those interested in supporting equitable outcomes among middle school students, and/or staff and leaders who are developing and implementing strategies to improve positive academic mindsets and behaviors or other aspects of psycho-social or socioemotional learning.


December 8, 2021


Contact Information
Laura Buckner,

Academic Mindsets (Supporting the Whole Child)