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K–6 Literacy Improvement Partnership (LP)

The K–6 Literacy Improvement Partnership (LP) aims to enable educators, including state, district, and school leaders as well as classroom teachers, to improve writing instruction and outcomes for K–6 students. To support literacy improvement efforts, REL West is providing technical assistance to build the capacity of district coaches, administrators, grade-level team leaders, and teachers to refine their practice using improvement science, a form of disciplined inquiry. Through workshops and ongoing learning community activities, educators will examine and implement the Collaborative Classroom “Being a Writer” curriculum. By focusing on a specific curriculum, where teachers engage with consistent curricular content—teaching the same units, lessons, and objectives—the training and assistance can support the implementation of specific, research-based instructional practices. Partners will learn together how an improvement science approach can support the conditions required for teacher learning, teacher collaboration, and instructional shifts in the context of curriculum implementation.

Partnership Objectives

Through a sustained partnership between REL West and staff from the Center for the Collaborative Classroom, Washoe County School District (WCSD), and a small set of schools in WCSD, the K–6 Literacy Improvement Partnership focuses on:

  • Identifying high-leverage, research-based instructional practices in Collaborative Classroom’s writing program, Being a Writer.
  • Developing and refining protocols and processes by which teachers can support each other in the program’s implementation.
  • Supporting continuous improvement efforts in schools.
  • Building district capacity to sustain and scale such work over time.


Training on Improvement Science Processes. A summer institute is held each year to train teachers in inquiry processes that support their implementation of research-based instructional practices in writing. For example, teachers are using “learning huddles”.

Coaching for School and District Leaders. Teacher leaders serve as team leads and receive supportive coaching from REL West staff. Periodic site visits engage school principals and district leaders in review of formative data. Use of practical measures of instructional processes and student behavior anchor inquiry cycles.


Partnership members include staff from the Washoe County School District Office of Curriculum and Instruction, the Center for the Collaborative Classroom (a nonprofit curriculum and professional development provider), Nevada’s Northwest Regional Professional Development Program, and teachers, principals, and learning specialists from participating schools.