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California Rural Partnerships Alliance (CRP)

REL West’s California Rural Partnerships Alliance (CRP) was formed to support data sharing, use, and capacity development in California’s rural cross-sector education and career pathways partnerships. The alliance includes rural and rural-serving partnerships that are comprised of K–12, higher education, and industry or labor force development representatives. These consortia are designed to support students in grades 9 through 14 (community college) to prepare for jobs in the regional economy. REL West is providing support for data sharing, data use, and capacity development to CRP Alliance members through research and coaching.

Partnership Objectives

The overarching goal of the CRP Alliance is to support and strengthen the ability of rural and rural-serving California cross-sector partnerships to gather, share, and use data to inform career pathway development. To accomplish this goal, the member consortia will:

  • Increase their capacity to access and use cross-sector data for education and career pathways implementation, development, and progress monitoring.
  • Develop a deeper understanding of the extent to which the supply of community college program completers aligns with the labor market demand for middle-skill occupations in rural California and in each of the four rural regions of the state and apply this knowledge to program development and improvement efforts.
  • Partner with other rural California consortia in a learning community to build a shared understanding of the data use challenges and to identify strategies to overcome them.


Coaching for data use. Selected partnerships engage in local data analysis and planning, supported by REL West and other members of the learning community.

Webinars to share resources. Rural partnerships across the state are invited to participate in periodic, interactive webinars to gain an understanding of databases and resources for data use in California.

Research on education pathways and workforce demands. Analyses illuminate the alignment between education programs in K–12 and higher education and workforce opportunities in rural regions of California.


CRP Alliance membership includes staff from Jobs for the Future and the Centers of Excellence as well as cross-sector teams from rural and rural-serving partnerships that represent K–12, higher education, and industry or labor force development.