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Clark County Professional Learning Partnership (CCPL)

The Clark County Professional Learning Partnership was formed in order to support data use and professional learning in the central office and schools of the Clark County School District (CCSD). CCSD is the nation’s 5th largest school district and serves a large and diverse population of students. As part of a continuing partnership, staff from the CCSD superintendent’s office, academic unit, and research department are working together with REL West to support the effective dissemination and use of data, tools, and evidence to improve student outcomes throughout CCSD. Central office staff are interested in better understanding which types of information will best help principals and teachers deliver effective student supports and help improve student outcomes, and in understanding and enacting optimal strategies for collecting, analyzing, and disseminating this information to schools. As part of this effort, a key strategy is building on previous collaborative research conducted by REL West and CCSD to develop a system for identifying and supporting students at risk of falling off track for high school graduation before they actually fall behind.

Partnership Objectives

The primary goal of the partnership is to develop systems for using data, evidence, and evidence-based solutions to improve academic outcomes for the children of the Clark County School District, with a particular focus on progress through high school and graduation.

Together CCSD and REL West will achieve this goal by:

  • Building on previous research conducted in CCSD and elsewhere to develop systems for identifying and supporting student success in secondary school, with a particular emphasis on supporting students in the transitions that occur in middle and high school.
  • Building on previous research conducted in CCSD and elsewhere demonstrating the connection between academic mindsets and academic outcomes in order to develop and test approaches to helping students to succeed in secondary school.
  • Developing, deploying, and refining systems for identifying students who are at risk of falling off track for high school graduation early enough to maximize the chances to intervene and help these students succeed.
  • Conducting applied research that continues to refine our understanding of the factors that can be used to identify students who are likely to experience challenges and that helps us to understand that factors that potentially drive student success and failure.
  • Developing and testing approaches designed to address the factors that potentially drive student success in order to increase the extent to which CCSD students succeed in school.


Expanding Clark County School District’s Early Warning Indicator System for Dropout Prevention. REL West is assisting CCSD to add middle-school data to their Early Warning Indicators system, and support principals and school teams to act on this information before and during the transition into high school. Research is being conducted to further understand which factors best predict on-track status.

Testing mindset interventions. CCSD recently added to their annual student survey items about academic mindsets and behaviors. Building on their interest in these factors, REL West is working with them to identify and pilot interventions.


The CCPL partnership’s primary partner is the Clark County School District. Within this partnership, the work is actively supported by the CCSD Superintendent, the Chief Academic Officer, Assistant Superintendent for Assessment, Accountability, Research and School Improvement (AARSI), and staff from throughout the AARSI department.