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Clark County Professional Learning Partnership

The Clark County Professional Learning Partnership (CCPL) was formed to support data use and professional learning in the central office and schools of the Clark County School District (CCSD) in Nevada. CCSD is the nation’s 5th largest school district and serves a large and diverse population of students. As part of a continuing partnership, staff from the CCSD superintendent’s office, instructional office, and research department are working with REL West to support the effective dissemination and use of data, tools, and evidence to improve student outcomes. Central office staff are interested in better understanding which types of information will best help principals and teachers deliver effective student supports and help improve student outcomes, and in understanding and enacting optimal strategies for collecting, analyzing, and disseminating this information to schools. As part of this effort, a key strategy is building on previous collaborative research conducted by REL West and CCSD to develop a system for identifying and supporting students at risk of falling off track for high school graduation before they actually fall behind.

Partnership Objectives

REL West will help the Clark County School District analyze and use its available data to develop indicators of academic risk and to improve supports for students who may be at risk of failing to graduate from high school. Specifically, this partnership will:

  • Support CCSD’s efforts to refine their early warning indicator (EWI) dashboard system, with a particular emphasis on developing accurate indicators and an EWI system for identifying potentially at-risk students at the elementary and middle school levels;
  • Support uptake and effective usage of the EWI system, including support for helping CCSD to maximize the accessibility and ease of use for the system; and
  • Support school-level efforts to leverage EWI data to identify and deploy supports for at-risk students, improving the extent to which students identified as at risk actually receive appropriate and effective supports.




The CCPL Partnership’s primary partner is the Clark County School District. Within this partnership, participants include the Chief Instructional Officer, Assistant Superintendent for Assessment, Accountability, Research and School Improvement (AARSI), and staff from throughout the AARSI department.