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Our Team

REL West has dedicated program staff comprised of researchers, coaches, technical support providers, communicators, and other professionals representing the four West Region States. Together, we offer a wide range of expertise on education topics and data-driven decisionmaking. Learn more about our team below.


John	Rice
John Rice
Lenay	Dunn
Lenay Dunn
Deputy Director


Eric	Ambroso
Eric Ambroso
Research Assistant
Kim	Austin
Kim Austin
Director of Dissemination
Vanessa	Barrat
Vanessa Barrat
Senior Research Associate
BethAnn	Berliner
BethAnn Berliner
Senior Research Associate
Jenny	Betz
Jenny Betz
School Climate Specialist
Alicia	Bowman
Alicia Bowman
Improvement Specialist
Laura	Buckner
Laura Buckner
Program Associate/Events Coordinator
Elizabeth	Burr
Elizabeth Burr
Senior Research Associate/Ask A REL Lead
Erin	Carter
Erin Carter
Web Producer/Administrator
Patricia	Castillo
Patricia Castillo
Research Assistant
Rebeca	Cerna
Rebeca Cerna
Senior Research Associate
Min	Chen-Gaddini
Min Chen-Gaddini
Research Associate
Rosemary	De La Torre
Rosemary De La Torre
Program Assistant
Kenwyn	Derby
Kenwyn Derby
Senior Research Associate
Jonathan	Dolle
Jonathan Dolle
Senior Research Associate
Neal	Finkelstein
Neal Finkelstein
Executive Advisor
Tony	Fong
Tony Fong
Senior Policy Associate
Sylvie	Hale
Sylvie Hale
Senior Project Director
Ricky	Herzog
Ricky Herzog
Min	Huang
Min Huang
Research Associate
Kevin (Chun-Wei)	Huang
Kevin (Chun-Wei) Huang
Senior Research Analyst
Karina	Jaquet
Karina Jaquet
Research Associate
Lisa	Le Fevre
Lisa Le Fevre
Senior Program Associate
Reino	Makkonen
Reino Makkonen
Director of Research-to-Practice Initiatives
Ellen Mandinach
Senior Research Scientist
Maria	Martinez
Maria Martinez
Program Assistant
Anne	Porterfield
Anne Porterfield
Program Associate
Mary	Rauner
Mary Rauner
Senior Research Associate
Venisa Sin
Application Developer
Jason	Snipes
Jason Snipes
Director of Applied Research
Sola	Takahashi
Sola Takahashi
Senior Research Associate
Thomas	Torre Gibney
Thomas Torre Gibney
Research Associate
Julie	Torres
Julie Torres
Project Manager
Lori	Van Houten
Lori Van Houten
Director of Analytic Support
Niufeng Zhu
Research Associate
Joy	Zimmerman
Joy Zimmerman
Co-Director of Communications, WestEd