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Arizona Literacy Partnership

Arizona’s statewide goal is to increase 3rd grade literacy proficiency from 41 percent in 2016 to 72 percent by 2030 (Expect More Arizona’s Progress Meter). The overarching purpose of the partnership is to contribute to meeting this goal. To accomplish this, the partnership focuses on examining data, embedding evidence-based approaches in everyday practice, and conducting inquiry-based improvement processes. Arizona stakeholders want to know more about student progress in developing early literacy, especially English learners, and the district practices that contribute to students’ early literacy success. To address these questions, REL West partners with the Arizona Department of Education (ADE) and a local district, Sunnyside Unified (SUSD), in the Arizona Literacy Partnership.

Partnership Objectives

The primary goal of Arizona Literacy Partnership (AZL) is to improve K–3 literacy outcomes for Arizona students by strengthening the implementation of evidence-based approaches through disciplined inquiry. To accomplish this, the partnership focuses on:

  • Examining data to support improved literacy attainment, especially for English learner students and students living in poverty.
  • Supporting districts in selecting evidence-based strategies to improve K–3 literacy.
  • Implementing and embedding evidence-based literacy interventions and supports using inquiry processes and improvement science principles.




The partnership includes staff and leaders from the Arizona Department of Education and Sunnyside Unified School District.