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Arizona Partnership for Education and Career Success

The Arizona Partnership for Education and Career Success (APECS) was formed to provide practitioners, policymakers, and education leaders in Arizona with technical assistance and research support to achieve the state’s goal of ensuring that 60 percent of Arizonans aged 25 and older have a postsecondary certificate or 2- or 4-year college degree by 2030. REL West provides APECS partners with coaching to develop their capacity for cross-sector collaboration and data use in service of advancing college and career readiness (CCR) for students across the state. As part of this effort, school, district, and community partners within the Flagstaff area have been working with REL West to coordinate CCR strategies, community interest, and data-driven inquiry for a shared college and career agenda.

Alliance Objectives

Objectives for the APECS alliance include:

  • Increasing state and district leaders’ knowledge and understanding of effective practices in data sharing and education and career planning implementation
  • Increasing school, district, and community engagement for CCR programming and aligning initiatives to improve students’ education and career outcomes
  • Supporting data use to drive college and career readiness strategic decision-making and to track student progress
  • Increasing the number of high school graduates within the Flagstaff community who are prepared to succeed in their choice of college or career




The Arizona Partnership for Education and Career Success includes school, district, and community leadership in Flagstaff, Arizona; key staff at the Arizona Department of Education; state and community leaders from the Arizona Career Leadership Network; and advisors and other education advocacy and support organizations from across the state.