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Blog – Charter Schools

What happens when high schoolers are given school options?

By Laura Checovich | May 20, 2019

REL Midwest is conducting a study to analyze how students’ high school completion and early college success are associated with different types of high schools. The findings will help Indiana support high-quality practices that improve student outcomes.


Resource roundup: School choice and charter schools

By Cora Goldston | May 20, 2019

Curious about school choice? We’ve rounded up research reports and webinars on charter schools and school choice from the REL network.



Beating the odds (2)

Charter Schools (2)

College and Career Readiness (42)

Data Use (32)

Discipline (4)

Early Childhood (31)

Educator Effectiveness (36)

English Learners (10)

Literacy (11)

Math (1)

Online Courses (7)

Research Tools (2)

Rural (14)

Teacher Preparation (24)

Teacher Recruitment (2)

Teacher Retention (2)

Teacher Workforce (14)

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