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Blog – Teacher Workforce

The Midwest Alliance to Improve Teacher Preparation: Identifying practices and policies to increase access to high-quality teachers

By Sara Mitrano | December 14, 2021

REL Midwest looks back on five years of partnership work to improve teacher preparation, recruitment, and retention practices in Michigan, Illinois, and Indiana.


New REL Midwest report explores what keeps teachers out of the classroom in Michigan

By Cora Goldston | April 14, 2021

A REL Midwest report examines why some certified teachers do not teach in public schools and explores incentives that could motivate teachers to return to the classroom.


Actionable district strategies to build a diverse teacher workforce and foster educational equity

By Maggi Ibis | February 22, 2021

REL Midwest researchers are working with district leaders in Racine, Wisconsin, to conduct continuous improvement cycles that advance recruitment and retention strategies to create a more diverse teacher workforce.


Strategies for creating inclusive workplaces and retaining Black teachers

By Maggi Ibis | January 21, 2021

Check out REL Midwest’s new video and webinar on creating inclusive school environments to support the retention of Black teachers, a high-level strategy for improving Black students’ success.


Nurture the soil while planting the seeds: Three actions for creating inclusive and antiracist environments for Black teachers

By Jameela Conway-Turner and Kyle Fagan | October 28, 2020

Hiring and retaining Black teachers can improve outcomes for Black students, yet Black teachers are more likely than their White colleagues to leave the profession. Learn three actions educators can take to support an inclusive and antiracist workplace.


Building a diverse teacher workforce through a robust inquiry, planning, and implementation process

By Joni Wackwitz | July 24, 2020

When teachers reflect students’ racial/ethnic and cultural background, the results can be powerful. Learn how REL Midwest is supporting Lansing School District in building a diverse teacher workforce.


Using teacher exit surveys to improve teacher retention

By Joni Wackwitz | July 24, 2020

Teacher departures and turnover can pose serious challenges for schools and negatively affect student achievement. A teacher exit survey can help districts and schools better understand why teachers leave and improve retention.


Resource roundup: Equity

By Maggi Ibis | July 24, 2020

Schools nationwide are prioritizing a commitment to improving equity in the classroom and beyond. To support these efforts, we rounded up equity-related resources from across the REL network.


New report helps education leaders pinpoint and address teacher shortages

By Cora Goldston | September 19, 2019

REL Midwest’s new report explores teacher supply and demand trends in Michigan. Read our blog post to learn about the key findings.


Resource roundup: Strengthening and supporting the teacher workforce

By Maggi Ibis | September 19, 2019

Looking for resources on developing a high-quality, stable, and diverse teacher workforce? Browse this collection of curated resources from across the REL network.


Understanding why teachers leave: Developing a teacher exit survey

By Marguerite Huber | August 21, 2019

REL Midwest is providing coaching to the Ohio Department of Education on developing a teacher exit survey to help districts and schools better understand why teachers leave.


Resource roundup: Summer reads from around the RELs

By Marguerite Huber | June 27, 2019

Add these new resources from each of the 10 Regional Educational Laboratories to your summer reading and watch list.


Focusing on retention to build an effective and stable teaching workforce

By Marguerite Huber | May 20, 2019

The Midwest Alliance to Improve Teacher Preparation is concentrating on retention in the early years of teaching to build an effective and stable teaching workforce in Michigan.


Examining teacher shortages and surpluses to improve equitable access to effective educators

Joni Wackwitz | May 18, 2018

REL Midwest is conducting a study to describe trends in teacher shortages and surpluses in public schools in Michigan. The findings will inform state efforts to address teacher shortages.



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College and Career Readiness (42)

Data Use (32)

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Early Childhood (31)

Educator Effectiveness (36)

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Teacher Recruitment (2)

Teacher Retention (2)

Teacher Workforce (14)

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