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Resource roundup: Summer reads from around the RELs

Resource roundup: Summer reads from around the RELs

By Marguerite Huber
June 27, 2019

Summer is almost in full swing! Sit back, relax, and enjoy a curated list of new resources from each of the 10 Regional Educational Laboratories (RELs). You will find reports, blog posts, webinars, fact sheets, infographics, and videos to keep you busy until school starts again.

REL Appalachia

Discover research-based strategies for students preparing for Algebra I with REL Appalachia’s webinar, “Algebra for All: Focus on Visual Representations.” For more evidence-based mathematics instruction, check out REL Appalachia’s blog post on professional learning models.

REL Central

Read a new report on rural teacher retention, mobility, and attrition in REL Central’s region. Or watch a video highlighting three tools for rural educators: The Instructional Improvement Cycle Toolkit, Data Inquiry Cycles, and the Plan-Do-Study-Act cycle. REL Central, REL Midwest, and REL Northeast & Islands collaborated on the video.

REL Mid-Atlantic

Check out REL Mid-Atlantic’s two resources on effective school leaders: A fact sheet [326 KB PDF icon ] describes the characteristics and development of effective school leaders, and an infographic [112 KB PDF icon ] shares research-based competencies and strategies for school turnaround leadership.

REL Midwest

REL Midwest has two new resources on equity and social and emotional learning (SEL). View our archived webinar to hear from experts on implementing equitable practices to support students’ social and emotional development, and download our infographic for more strategies to ground SEL programming in equity.

REL Northeast & Islands

Did you know that many teachers struggle with recognizing whether their English learner (EL) students have disabilities? Consult REL Northeast & Islands’ infographic [656 KB PDF icon ] for three evidence-based recommendations on addressing this issue in the classroom. In addition, learn about research on efforts to reduce rates of student placement in college remedial mathematics courses with this archived webinar.

REL Northwest

A positive environment that supports a sense of belonging is key to student success. Download REL Northwest’s infographic [356 KB PDF icon ] for examples of school- and classroom-level actions on school climate and SEL and watch their new video for evidence-based strategies to help students learn to love and appreciate math.

REL Pacific

REL Pacific hosted a webinar on teaching academic content and literacy to EL students at the elementary school level. The presenters shared recommendations from a What Works Clearinghouse practice guide, Teaching Academic Content and Literacy to English Learners in Elementary and Middle School. Interested in learning about designing transition courses? Check out this blog post.

REL Southeast

REL Southeast has two infographics for you to check out. The first infographic [853 KB PDF icon ] highlights one component of school readiness, the ready child, and includes support resources for educators and families. The second infographic [642 KB PDF icon ] provides evidence-based strategies, such as modeling and scaffolded instruction, for teaching writing to elementary students.

REL Southwest

Learn how to create a trauma-sensitive classroom with REL Southwest’s archived webinar on research-based, trauma-responsive education practices or get caught up on SEL and school climate resources from around the REL Program with this blog post.

REL West

Use REL West’s infographic on inquiry cycles in professional learning communities to learn more about how these cycles can improve teacher collaboration and student outcomes by focusing on instructional practice. In addition, a new REL West video discusses the consequences of chronic absence and can help educators understand what a multitiered approach to improving attendance looks like.

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