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Video: Supporting Black students’ excellence

June 22, 2018

Teachers and administrators in Wisconsin’s Racine Unified School District are implementing several strategies to improve educational outcomes for Black students. This video connects these strategies with a REL Midwest research review of promising practices educators can use to support Black students. For discussion questions and related resources, see the viewing guide [ 293 KB PDF icon ]. Find the research review here.

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Beating the odds (2)

Charter Schools (2)

College and Career Readiness (42)

Data Use (32)

Discipline (4)

Early Childhood (31)

Educator Effectiveness (36)

English Learners (10)

Literacy (11)

Math (1)

Online Courses (7)

Research Tools (2)

Rural (14)

Teacher Preparation (24)

Teacher Recruitment (2)

Teacher Retention (2)

Teacher Workforce (14)

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