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Training and coaching resources to support evidence-based practice, the growth of educators and leaders, and student outcomes

Training resources for evidence-based practice
Photo by Allison Shelley for American Education: Images of Teachers and Students in Action.

By Maggi Ibis
September 28, 2020

From identifying evidence-based practices to effective policies for promoting equity, educators need to understand how to draw on research in their work. The Regional Educational Laboratory (REL) Midwest helps build educators’ capacity to use evidence by providing training, coaching, and technical support, and by developing resources such as guides, presentations, checklists, and other tools.

The following is a sample of the growing collection of training and coaching resources available on our website. These resources are designed to help teachers, school and district leaders, state administrators, and policymakers strengthen educator effectiveness, expand school and district capacity to implement new programs and practices, and improve educational outcomes for all students.

Support for identifying evidence-based programs and practices and using research to guide decisionmaking

Support for strengthening equity, opportunity, and social and emotional learning

  • School boards and educational equity: Bridging research, policy, and practice. This virtual training, developed for Wisconsin, is designed to raise the awareness of school boards and district leaders about the impact of opportunity gaps experienced by Black students. The training identifies strategies and resources for improving academic opportunities for all students. A recording and presentation slide deck are available.
  • Supporting students’ social and emotional learning. As part of a larger set of support for the Indiana Department of Education as it rolled out statewide social and emotional learning (SEL) competencies, REL Midwest hosted two webinars for districts on incorporating SEL into school practices. The webinars focus on SEL for both students and adults. The recording and slides for each webinar are available.

>> Explore REL Midwest’s Training and Coaching Resources webpage to browse the full collection.

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