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Resources at your fingertips: Improved navigation for the REL Midwest website

Improved website navigation

By Cora Goldston
March 25, 2020

One of our New Year’s resolutions is to make education research, training, and evidence-based resources even more accessible to our partners across the region. With this goal in mind, the Regional Educational Laboratory (REL) Midwest has updated our website navigation so you can easily find our videos, infographics, Ask A REL responses, and training/coaching resources.

If you are reading this article on our website, just look up at the top of the screen to see our navigation menu (highlighted in red in the image). Alternatively, from our website’s home page, click on any link to see the navigation menu.

REL Midwest website navigation

Under “Resources” in the navigation menu, you’ll find videos, infographics, and Ask A REL responses. Soon, we’ll also have available materials developed through our training, coaching, and technical support activities. Below are some examples of the resources featured:


  • Healthy students = strong learners: Our documentary showcases efforts to improve the well-being and academic achievement of Ohio students through school-based health care.
  • Supporting students with disabilities to become college- and career-ready: Lessons learned: REL Midwest and the Minnesota Department of Education hosted an event on strategies to prepare students with special needs for education or employment after high school. This video summarizes key takeaways for special education directors and other stakeholders.
  • Understanding the ESSA tiers of evidence: This video explains the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) evidence definitions and how school and district leaders can use them to choose school improvement interventions.


Ask A REL reference desk responses

The REL Midwest Ask A REL reference desk team compiles research on a variety of topics in response to questions submitted from the field, including the following.

Coming soon! Training and coaching resources

Check back in spring 2020 to browse our available training and coaching tools. Here are some highlights.

  • Networked improvement community training modules [5.27 MB PDF icon ]: These modules stem from REL Midwest’s in-depth coaching and consultation to help Iowa stakeholders identify programs and practices that support the use of technology in classroom instruction.
  • Handout on clinically oriented teacher preparation programs for Michigan [265 KB PDF icon ]: This handout describes characteristics of successful clinically oriented teacher preparation programs and profiles 10 of these programs throughout the United States, including two in Michigan.
  • School board administrator equity training archive: This training raised awareness about opportunity and achievement gaps experienced by Wisconsin’s Black students. The training also identified resources and strategies that school board members and district superintendents can use to improve educational opportunities.

We hope our improved website navigation will make it even easier for state, district, and school leaders to put education research into practice in 2020 and beyond.

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